Why Should I Evaluate My Payroll and HR Provider Now?

At this time of year, many business owners are evaluating the return on investment they get from their vendors.  Payroll and H

R fall into that category and are sometimes one of the first areas business owners look to.  Here are some things to take into consideration when taking a look at your payroll and HR vendors:


  • Has your current payroll and HR provider helped you with navigating the PPP loan administrative process?
  • Have they helped you move forward with the calculating of the New York state sick time rule?


If your answer to these questions is NO, maybe we can help!


Baron Payroll helps business owners evaluate what they need for their company in a way that helps that company move forward with a great ROI. Because we are local, we work to fit YOUR needs and be a great fit for YOU, not the other way around.


If you are looking for a great new payroll system, give us a call at 631-266-2500.  We can help you find a stronger more efficient way to run your payroll and HR.