What should I do about the Mandated Sexual Harassment Training in New York?

I recently polled a group of business professionals at an event.  I asked how many of them had done the mandatory New York State Sexual Harassment Training. 

To my surprise, out of nearly 80, only 80 percent said they had NOT done anything yet. 

Here are two things that might happen if you do not get it done. 

First, your employees could expose you to a sexual harassment lawsuit out of ignorance because they have not been trained. 

Second, if a lawsuit should occur, your risk of incurring enhanced damages does increase because the minimum requirement of training was not met. 

I understand this may not be high on your priority list.  You may not have the time to do this yourself or you may not know what to do next..   

If you have a trusted advisor to call, get on it. Alternatively, Baron can help you get it done.  Just one call and we will get you started.