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    Maximize your efficiency and profitability with our cloud-based time and attendance solutions, serving businesses in New York City and Nassau & Suffolk Counties on Long Island.

Baron’s cloud-based time and attendance solution empowers you to manage both your employees and business with maximum efficiency and compliance. Our broad range of biometric time clocks, face readers, mobile apps with GPS tracking and more, are all geared to capturing the accurate, daily time records you need if the Department of Labor comes knocking on your door.

And all it takes is one hourly employee to complain. If you do not have pristine daily time records for all, the Department of Labor considers that every single employee has a claim, and the penalties, fines and back wages can put you out of business.

Benefits of Automated Employee Time Tracking

  • Minimize Labor Costs—manage your people with maximum effectiveness to reduce your biggest expense.
  • Reduce Errors—increase efficiency by reducing administrative, timekeeping and payroll errors.
  • Avoid Non-Compliance—protect your business in case of an audit, investigation or lawsuit.
  • Spend Less Time Processing Payroll—eliminate messy paper time cards, manual calculations and keypunching. Instead, electronically populate all time card data to your payroll grid every pay period.
  • Eliminate Time Theft—protect yourself and your business with our line of biometric time clocks.

Online timekeeping systems and employee time tracking by the experts at baronHCM, for accurate reporting anywhere, anytime.

Manage remote employee time with our GPS mobile time clock app

More and more employees are working remotely, or are working out in the field, so you need a reliable solution to insure accurate mobile employee time tracking. Beyond ensuring correct pay for time worked, the labor laws are currently more onerous and require greater accuracy collecting employee time for in/out punches, meals and breaks.

Additionally, companies are looking for ways to increase employee engagement. Mobile platforms help achieve that goal because your employees will have access to the information they need, when they need it, right from their smart phones or tablets.

Avoid non-compliance with Baron Payroll’s cloud-based timekeeping systems.

Learn more about meeting NYS timekeeping requirements—contact Baron Payroll today.

Protect yourself, your family and your company from the risk of a full-blown Department of Labor investigation, which could result in large-scale fines, bankruptcy or worse.

With the recent changes in 2015 to the New York State Wage Theft Prevention Act (WPTA), every business must maintain daily time and attendance records for all employees. The back pay, liquidated damages and personal liability for non-compliance can be a knockout punch. The WTPA even clarifies that “employers must keep time records on an ongoing basis. The employer may not make up the time records after the fact at the end of the week, month or year.”

New York employers must ask themselves these questions:

  • Is your company able to produce accurate, daily time and attendance records dating back six years, for all active and terminated employees?
  • Can you do this quickly? In less than ten days?
  • Do your time records show mandatory meal breaks?
  • Are you in compliance with the Spread of Hours Regulations?
  • Are your time records and payroll records believable or do they always say 40 hours per week?

That’s why Baron Payroll is the perfect employee time tracking solution for all employers. We offer a cloud-based HCM solution with paperless records and you can produce pristine time and payroll records for all your employees, and respond to a request from the Department of Labor within minutes.

Automate Employee Time Tracking and Manage the Difficult Challenges of Team Scheduling with Ease

For many managers, supervisors and owners, scheduling employees and tracking their attendance are some of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of their jobs. Baron’s time and attendance systems will greatly reduce the time you spend scheduling employees for work and tracking attendance. You can easily build and customize employee schedules, monitor attendance, and compare schedules vs. actual time worked.

Our timekeeping systems will give you the ability to easily manage all employee time-off requests and give you complete control. Your employees can use the mobile app to see their time-off balances and can even request time-off online, without having to use a manual, inefficient paper process.

Get on the right path to truly automated employee time tracking with Baron Payroll time and attendance systems. Contact us!

Cut costs and eliminate time theft with our time card machines and biometric time clocks for small businesses on Long Island/NYC.

Protect yourself and your business with Baron Payroll’s Facial Recognition Time Clocks

You’ll love the way our facial recognition system gives you 100% assurance that your employees are on premise and on time. And so will the Department of Labor. When these biometric time clocks are tied into our time and attendance systems, there is the added benefit of documenting pristine employee time records, if and when you need them.

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