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We know an all-encompassing payroll solution would not be complete without tax filing services. Baron Payroll provides payroll tax management services to employers in all 50 states. How do we do this and stay on top of all the small changes in every state and locality?

Easy, we license ADP’s tax engine to make all tax payments and file all tax returns. People laugh when they hear this because they benefit from the most up-to-date payroll tax engine without having to deal with ADP. We get the pleasure of doing that now.

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We offer two levels of tax filing services:

  • Full Tax—Our most popular option by far, provides you with a complete service. We calculate all payroll tax liabilities each payroll and debit and pay these tax monies to the various tax agencies when due. Baron Payroll signs and files all quarterly and annual payroll tax returns and is responsible for the accuracy of all payroll tax payments and returns. We are bonded and insured to protect our clients so you can rest assured at night that your tax monies are being handled properly and securely.
  • Signature Ready—Baron Payroll will initiate electronic tax payments to move monies from your company bank account directly to the IRS or New York State. This allows you to retain control over your tax funds. Some employers want this control and we are happy to provide it to you.

With this method we have no way to know if the payment we initiated was truly funded and paid since the monies did not pass through our bank account, so we are unable to sign off on your company’s payroll tax returns. We will prepare signature ready tax returns that you must sign and file timely. With this method, we are unable to i) sign and file your payroll tax returns, ii) respond to any tax notices because we cannot verify timely payments and iii) assume responsibility for any late payments or filings.

Most federal and state agencies (including New York) have moved to electronic payment of payroll taxes and electronic filing of tax returns only. Requiring electronic submissions from all employers, made paying, filing and the overall management of payroll taxes by individual businesses more difficult. That’s why the vast majority of our clients leave it to the experts and use our Full Tax option.

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