There is no more compelling way to express the value Baron Payroll offers than by sharing our customers’ own words.

“We have been working with Baron Payroll for over ten years and we are extremely happy with the personal service delivered by their friendly, knowledgeable and responsive staff. Every time we call, a live person answers the phone and actually has the authority and ability to help us immediately. They are fantastic!”

“ADP created compliance nightmares for us because they wouldn’t allow us to add our workers to payroll who had ITIN numbers starting with the number 9. This opened a can of worms for us with regard to Department of Labor violations and kept us awake at night. About 3 years ago, I was introduced to the team at Baron Payroll, who came in and added our workers to payroll from day one. This was a game changer for our company and we are forever grateful.”

“Our employees work on different job sites and we struggled with the daily timekeeping requirements mandated by the NYS Wage Theft Prevention Act and were worried about the $10,000 fine for non-compliance. Not anymore. Baron has the perfect solution for us – a mobile app that our workers use on smart phones to clock in/out. Brilliant – it even records their GPS locations, so we know they didn’t clock in to work while still in bed. ”

“When our accountant told us about the new, daily timekeeping requirements and the big fines for non-compliance, as a current client, we called Paychex for a timeclock. Not only did they charge us $2500, but they mailed us a timeclock in a box, which we were left to install ourselves. I was shocked when I saw my Office Manager wasting hours on the phone still calling in payroll. My friend told me about Baron Payroll and for a fraction of the price they came to our office, installed a facial recognition time clock that automatically creates payroll, saving us hours of time every week. Problem solved.”

“If it sounds too good to be true, beware. A payroll salesperson came to our office and promised we could get exactly what we currently had with Baron Payroll, and save $4,000/year if we switched to Paychex. What a disaster this was for our Payroll, HR and Finance Departments. The people, product and processes Paychex had, paled in comparison to Baron. After realizing the lies, we jumped right back to Baron Payroll and things are great again.”

“We rely on one person in our office to do payroll with Baron Payroll. One day, she got an emergency call that her husband was just hospitalized and it was touch and go. Our company contacted Baron Payroll and someone came to our office two weeks in a row and helped us complete payroll. Talk about calling a lifeline.”

“Every month my client writes over 200 checks for payroll. We used to use ADP and this was a big issue because no checks were entered into QuickBooks and it would take us days to manually complete this task before we could even start doing any real accounting work. We switched to Baron, and now this process is automated, takes just minutes, and Baron even creates balanced payroll journal entries for us.”

“Staying on top the ever-changing wage and hour laws were not a priority for our company until we were investigated by the Department of Labor (“DOL”). Daily timekeeping rules, meal breaks, and spread of hours rules were not on our radar until we had to pay a five-figure fines to the DOL. After this debacle, we started working with Baron Payroll and utilize their facial recognition time clocks and software to paperlessly document and automate the rules we previously violated. Wish we would have known about Baron Payroll before DOL came knocking on our door.”