Cutting-edge iSolved Payroll Software Ideal For Small to Medium-sized Businesses.

    baronHCM delivers convenience, power, and security with our iSolved payroll software and online payroll services, for businesses on Long Island/NYC.

Simplify your payroll processing with our intuitive, powerful cloud software that will reduce your administrative burdens and put real insight and analytics at your fingertips. Our iSolved payroll processing technology will simplify your everyday tasks. From custom reports to proactive features such as the pre-process register to evaluating compliance with The Affordable Care Act (ACA), the accuracy and time you will save is priceless.

Concerned about system security? Our payroll platform provides the convenience, power and security you can rely on. Additionally, our payroll system is completely cloud-based allowing you to easily view and process payroll anywhere, anytime. We use multi-layered security and multi-authentication to ensure that system access is limited to the right people.

baronHCM delivers convenience, power, and security with our iSolved payroll software and online payroll services, for businesses on Long Island/NYC.

If tax codes are a problem, contact us to put Baron Payroll’s iSolved payroll solutions to work for you.

GEO Tagging for Assigning Tax Codes—It’s Bulletproof and Easy!

Correctly assigning the right payroll tax codes in most payroll systems is a nightmare and mistakes are often made. Taxes are paid to the wrong jurisdiction, payroll tax returns are filed, and it’s a big hassle to fix.

More often than not, the payroll manager has no idea whether this new hire in Elmont resides in Nassau County or Queens. But they need to know because if it’s Queens, they need to withhold NYC tax. What about the employee that lives in New Jersey and works in Manhattan? What if the employee that lives in Connecticut and works in Yonkers? What about the salesperson who is the only employee in the State of Washington and works in Seattle and lives in Seattle? This can be overwhelming.

Let our software automatically assign the proper employee tax codes for you. All you have to do is select the employee’s work location from a drop down menu and enter the employee’s home address and residence zip code and iSolved will use geo-tagging technology to determine the correct taxation for each employee.

The Hard Way or the Easy Way – Dealing With General Ledger Problems

We lead the field in payroll service providers, specializing in serving small businesses in New York City and Nassau & Suffolk Counties on Long Island.

So many times we have seen accountants digging through multiple pages of payroll reports, struggling to construct a balanced payroll journal entry. They waste hours of billable time, working below their pay grade, trying to find why they are out of balance. Then finally they discover something new—like an employee has a new garnishment. Our state-of-the-art payroll service can help you automate this process so every time you run a payroll, out comes a balanced journal, ready to go.

Flexible General Ledger Export Formats

Baron Payroll offers a variety of solutions for your general ledger reporting needs. Paper reports detailing department and/or labor allocations print with every payroll. We also offer CSV and ASCII general ledger file formats for your convenience so you can upload directly to the accounting software you already use:

QuickBooks or Sage Electronic Interfaces—For clients who use QuickBooks or Sage, our Web G/L program automatically creates your balanced journal entry (exactly how you want it to look) after every payroll process. With the QuickBooks Interface, this file will also post all entries to the bank account in QuickBooks (payroll checks and electronic debits) so it’s snap to do your bank reconciliation.

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