No More Missed Punches

affordable biometric time clock Islandia

Biometric Time Clock Paired With Employee Timekeeping System

Baron Workforce Management Clock combines the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven, cloud-based time and attendance services.

Company-Wide Benefits

HR and Payroll managers won’t have to research and correct missed and unmatched punches and system is synced to payroll system. It provides supervisors with maximum visibility and tools for absence and overtime management, leave planning, compliance, notices, and time card approvals. Employees appreciate simplified, accurate punch in/out, convenient notifications, and 24/7 time card visibility.

Here are the specs:

    • Interactive Prompt
      Real-time confirmation for employee work status and applied job codes.
    • Data Input
      Enter tips, codes, or responses.
    • Employee Status Awareness
      System tracks employee state (clocked in or out, on break, current job code). Eliminates missed punches and enables complete timekeeping records and analytics.
    • Fingerprint Enrollment
      Supervisors can rapidly enroll employee fingerprints at the clock.
    • Fingerprint Validation
      Employee identification/confirmation with rapid biometric fingerprint reader.
    • Wi-Fi Enabled
      Allows placement on manufacturing floors or in areas where network wires are not feasible.
    • Ethernet Connection
      Wired link to networks.
    • Battery Backup
      Supports continued usage for up to three hours (depending on use) in the event of lost power.
    • Offline Mode
      Punches are cached if network connectivity is lost and submitted when connection is restored.
    • Multiple ID Form Factor Support
      Recognize employees with PIN, proximity cards, or fingerprints—all supported within the same site.
    • Remote Update
      Clock acquires latest software updates without user action.
    • 7” Color Screen
      High contrast, large area screen for punches, notifications, and data input.
    • User Capacity
      Up to 6000 fingerprints/timecards.


How can Baron Workforce Management Clock transform my payroll process? Call 631-266-2500 today.

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