Our Philosophy

Human Capital Management for Driving Business Growth

Are you optimizing your company’s primary resource for driving business growth — its employees? Are you leveraging the talents, skill sets and unlimited potential of a fully realized workforce? Are your people happy, healthy and invested in your success?

If you’re struggling to answer these basic questions, it’s time you asked one more: What’s missing?

At Baron Payroll, we do more than help your company manage its Human Resources. We bring you the power of Human Capital Management — a holistic, collaborative, full-spectrum approach for identifying and inspiring the best in your employees and applying that energy toward accelerating growth.

Our Heritage

The Dividends of Human Investment

When Baron Payroll was founded in 2003, we quickly realized that managing payroll services was enough for some companies, but not sufficient for others. We had to learn more, be more, and provide more to deliver the robust Human Resource solutions the marketplace increasingly demanded. If we were going to tout the dividends of human investment, we needed to invest in our people. And we did. Deeply.

More than a decade later, baron payroll boasts one of the most skilled and knowledgeable teams in the business, now equipped and empowered with the industry’s premier Human Capital Management engine: iSolved. What does it all mean for you? A more fully realized workforce. Engaged, involved, healthy, happy and invested in your success.

Today, our company has evolved to provide complete Human Capital Management — Time & Attendance, Payroll, Benefits, HR  — delivered as a la carte services or combined as a seamless solution. Either way, trust Baron Payroll for yielding greater returns from the people in which you invest. Because the only reason our business exists is to help make your worklife better.