Why Do We Need Baron Payroll?

The expectations for HR and payroll leaders are HIGH. You must strategically contribute to the success of the business while still making sure all the details are taken care of. And making it all work isn’t always smooth sailing.

HR and payroll departments are still filled with paperwork and logistical headaches that impact the day-to-day work you’re doing. For example:

  • Benefits enrollment information that needs to move from benefits to payroll manually.
  • Time and Attendance information that feeds payroll and HR systems that aren’t connected.
  • Updating information that all of your systems need, such as name or address changes manually.

Unfortunately, inferior technology often gets in the way of these seemingly straightforward tasks. The day-to-day details of running HR and payroll shouldn’t be this complicated, and it doesn’t have to be. By working with Baron Payroll, you will exceed the high expectations of your team and become the MVP.

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The technology many small to midsize companies use in HR, payroll, and benefits is lacking considerably. For most organizations, the core functionality that runs the people side of your business is usually scattered across multiple, disparate systems.

Workforce Management Solutions for Big Problems


Problem 1

Your technology isn’t integrated well. Your HR, benefits, time, and payroll technology may not be connected at all, which means manually entering changes across every system. In other cases, you may have some systems talking to one another, but your data is spread across multiple databases with multiple logins. This makes it tough on administering these systems and can also create syncing issues, which negatively impact employees.

Problem 2

HR and payroll are bogged down with busywork. Your HR or payroll department is spending too much time doing tedious work such as updating addresses, adding dependents or changing tax deductions. As your company grows, this can quickly become unwieldy. Employees are in the best position to update their basic information when it’s convenient for them, as long as your technology allows it.

Problem 3

Payroll is the biggest expense for many organizations, yet the reporting needed to make critical business decisions is often lacking. It leaves HR leaders scrambling to compile data, forcing them to build database inquiries and jump into Excel to create charts—and it’s rarely in real-time and on demand. Organizations need proactive and custom reporting that the entire organization can use, including HR, supervisors, work teams, and executives.

Human Capital Management Software for the Real World


There has to be a better way than this broken process, right? What if there were a payroll, benefits, time, and HR technology solution that actually helped you do your job better instead of making it more complicated? It would have to:

  • Unify critical HR, payroll, benefits, and time functions into a single solution
  • Automate procedures that used to be done manually
  • Engage your employees and your company executives
  • Increase efficiencies and save your company money
  • Replace outdated processes and software that hold you back

It would also be great if your employees could access their critical information on their own and on their mobile devices anytime, seeing their time punches, pay stubs, requests for time off, and more. They could also understand and manage their benefits enrollment information much better than before.

The Solution: Our Technology Platform

This technology has arrived and it’s called iSolved Human Capital Management (HCM). iSolved empowers you to completely manage all aspects of your workforce with one login and one data source that you can trust.

iSolved is a single solution that brings together paperless onboarding, payroll, time and attendance, benefits, and HR in an easy-to-use system. Your employees can engage with it directly through our self-service portal, whether it’s for benefits enrollment or checking to see how much vacation time they have. It also has anytime and anywhere availability, so you can take care of business on your time, wherever you may be.

Be the MVP your organization needs and choose our iSolved platform for your company. You need to do more than print paychecks and push paperwork; you need to bring together onboarding, payroll, benefits, time, and HR into a single solution. When you do this, you will enable, engage, and reward your workforce with one easy-to-use system. This is what Human Capital Management is. And it’s why organizations choose Baron Payroll to help them manage their workforce every single day.

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