Integrate HR Into Your Workforce Management System With iSolved

iSolved Human Resources technology empowers organizations to do more. It spans the entire employee life cycle, provides insight to your workforce and drives performance.

Manage and strengthen your workforce with highly configurable reporting and multi-level performance management tools. We have the answer for all of your HR needs. Using our iSolved technology, you will have real time data to make better decisions about your workforce and improve your employer-employee relationships. Baron Payroll delivers an elegant, highly intuitive, end-to-end workforce management experience.

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Reward Your Workforce With One Easy-To-Use System From Baron Payroll

Employees who are happy and engaged at work not only perform better, but they also cost less, as they’re generally healthier employees who miss fewer days of work. Happiness also leads to higher productivity and employee retention.

If your company isn’t using modern HCM software, your employees probably aren’t as engaged as they should be. And since employee engagement is connected with higher productivity, reduced turnover and higher customer satisfaction, using our technology might help your bottom line.

Add Unlimited Employee Document Storage To Your HR Toolbox

Did you know that the already huge volume of HR-related documents continues to grow every year? Additionally, as required by law, you need to keep these HR documents for long periods of time and produce them quickly during inspections or audits, or face stiff penalties and fines.

No worries. We got you covered. Using our iSolved technology you can store, manage, and retrieve all your employee documents on the Cloud. This functionality is embedded inside iSolved’s secure environment so all your confidential information is safe. So go green and gain control over your HR files, streamline your recordkeeping process, minimize your legal compliance risk, drastically reduce your paper footprint and increase your disaster preparedness

Performance Reviews - Human Resources - baronHCM

Simplify Performance Reviews—Baron’s Workforce Management Solutions

Employers of all sizes rely on performance reviews to assess employee performance and determine things like future goals and salary increases. Baron gives employers the flexibility to create completely customized performance reviews that fit with the needs of their organizations.

The performance reviews in our software platform are user-friendly and simple to create. Get started by creating reviews based on how often your company conducts them, whether it is quarterly, annually, or anywhere in between.

As a native function of iSolved, all employee data is fully integrated into the performance review. It’s easy to generate a list of employees based on employment status, exempt vs. non-exempt, and a variety of other filters. Because iSolved is cloud-based, employers can access performance reviews from anywhere at any time.

Enjoy the Power and Flexibility of Our Mass Email Utility

There are many times when you might need to send an email to all employees or a group of employees. The Mass Email Utility allows you to send a mass email to a selected group of employees. Send out a pay stub availability notice, a company-wide announcement or any email that must be sent uniformly to multiple employees using this feature.

The Mass Email Utility provides the following abilities:

  • Enter a from email address.
  • Create and select an email template and update the subject and text for that template.
  • Enter a subject and text without selecting a template.
  • Attach a document.
  • Apply eligibility rules to filter employees that receive the email.
  • Preview a report that displays the email text, eligibility rules applied, and a list of employees that will receive the email.
  • View history records for each email sent with a batch report that displays the email text, eligibility rules applied, and a list of employees that received the email.
  • Attach notes to each history record.

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