Does payroll take you a long time even though you have a time clock?

I’m here today at our time clock manufacturer with another hot topic.  As you can see there are many different types and models of time clocks on the market place today and in my conversations with business owners and HR professionals.  I’m often asked, how come it takes us so long to prepare payroll even though we have a timeclock? 

Shouldn’t the time system automatically create the payroll input for us every single pay cycle?  The answer is yes it should.  The time system should auto-populate the payroll system and eliminate the entire manual process.  It reminds me of the children’s song Them Bones. 

You know my toe bones connected to my foot bone.  My foot bones connected to my ankle bone.  My ankle bone is connected to my leg bone and that’s exactly how things should work with your timekeeping payroll and HR systems.  Everything should be all in one.  Beginning with the new decade, 2020, especially for small business owners, my recommendation is that you utilize this all in one technology because it’s simple, more efficient, and cost-effective.