Care About Others Success

We are problem solvers and never make excuses. Our team does what is necessary to complete all required tasks correctly and on time. We develop trust by being honest and straight forward with people, keeping our promises, always under-promising and over-delivering. Additionally, we are laser-focused on protecting sensitive-data and safeguarding the confidential information of our clients and their employees.

Relationship Oriented

We try to be pleasant, approachable and look for ways to engage people on a personal level to deepen our business relationships. We concentrate on all aspects of the client experience as evidenced by answering our phones by a live person and our desire to exceed our client’s expectations. The strength of our client relationships is the key to our growth and success. Our team members add value, and together as a team, the impact we make provides the advantage Baron Payroll has over our competition.

Fun Personality

We are a highly functional team who likes to work smart, laugh, and have fun. We embrace the “live, work, play” attitude and value the time we spend inside and outside of the office.

There Is No “I” In Team

We always make decisions, take actions, and interact with others based upon what’s best for the benefit of Baron Payroll as a whole. We do not consider our work commitment to be just a 9-5 job, but make ourselves accessible for calls, texts and discussion, at all times if necessary.

Profitability For All

We seek a win-win financial scenario when working with clients, vendors, employees, etc. It’s not solely about Baron Payroll making money, but instead, all parties must benefit financially from our mutual relationship. When Baron Payroll makes money, it is healthy and we can continue to grow our business and bring more income home to our families. Our profitability enables us to provide the highest level of service to our clients.