Biometric Time Clock

I’m here today on-site at one of our manufacturing companies.  We just installed one of the new face-time clocks that take a three-dimensional image, they have two cameras built-in. 

They take a three-dimensional unique identifying image for each employee.  They work quickly and one of the biggest benefits is they don’t even have to tough the clock.  They just walk up to the click, is sees their face, it clocks them in and clocks them out and they work quickly, which you can see how fast they work in the video link below. 

We have hundreds of these time clocks out in the field right now and they are the best way for business owners to comply with the New York State timekeeping regulations, the daily timekeeping requirement, and the meal break rules and the best thing about them, they cost under $500 and business owners tell me they pay for themselves in less than two months!