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Is it legal for employees currently collecting unemployment to come in and work?

I’m often asked by business owners who have recently furloughed or laid off employees, if it’s legal for employees currently collecting unemployment to come in and work?    The answer is yes.  It is possible for employees to collect unemployment even if they are still working. Unemployment is not an all or nothing thing, it can be partial.  Here’s the BIG qualifier: as long as the employee works […]

Is my PPP Loan Free Money?

I’m often asked by business owners if the PPP Loan is free money for me?   The answer is, it depends.   It’s either a loan you need to pay back, or free money depending upon what you do with it when you get it.  There are some conditions that need to be met for your PPP Loan to be forgiven.  One condition is, you must spend at […]

New Overtime Rules for NYS Effective 2020

In my conversations with business owners, I’ll ask them to name 2 major classifications of their employees. What I typically hear are things such as full-time and part-time; or hourly and salaried, but rarely hear the answer I’m looking for: which is EXEMPT & NON-EXEMPT.   Most business owners have no idea that they are required to classify all jobs at their company as either exempt […]

New York State New Minimum Wage Rates. Are You in Compliance?

Attention Business Owners and HR Professionals. It’s Larry Kagan from Baron Payroll with another red hot topic for year-end. NYS min wage has increased again starting December 31, 2019. Unlike most other states that have just one min wage rate, NYS has multiple min wage rates.  The new min wage rate for Nassau, Suffolk & Westchester is $13 […]

Best Practices for New York Employers

Attention business owners and HR professionals, it’s Larry Kagan from Baron payroll.  I am here today with another hot topic for New York Employers.  New York State has some of the most rigorous timekeeping requirements in the country.  Hopefully, you have never received a letter like this, but many New York employers have.  This is […]

Biometric Time Clock

I’m here today on-site at one of our manufacturing companies.  We just installed one of the new face-time clocks that take a three-dimensional image, they have two cameras built-in.  They take a three-dimensional unique identifying image for each employee.  They work quickly and one of the biggest benefits is they don’t even have to tough […]


When I speak with business owners and HR professionals, one of the biggest challenges I hear is making sure “I have all of my new hire paperwork in order.” One of the forms that I find the business owners fail to have done is the LS-54.  This form is the notice of pay rate and […]

New York State Sexual Harassment Training Deadline

Attention business owners the October 9th deadline for New York State requirement of sexual harassment training is approaching quickly.  For those business owners who are not looking to do this on their own.  We have a great tool that can assist you.  Your employees would log on to the system, they would watch a video, […]