Deploy the latest innovations in Human Capital Management — driven by the power of iSolved and the people at Baron Payroll.

Employers need systems that go beyond simply providing paychecks. They need to optimize their most vital resource—their people. That’s why baron payroll integrates all Human Resource, Benefits Administration, Payroll, and Time & Attendance functions into one end-to-end, single-source, hire-to-retire solution.

By automating workforce management procedures and increasing operational efficiencies, baron payroll empowers companies to maximize ROI and enables business growth to soar.


Baron payroll’s innovative technology, backed by personalized guidance and insight from our team, provides you with the tools to effectively conquer inefficiency, redundancy, disorganization, compliance risk and inflated payroll expenses. Unlike other human capital management software, baron payroll is fully integrated and completely scalable, so your business won’t outgrow it. And as your company expands, so does Baron Payroll, to fit your unique and constantly changing needs each step of the way.

Unprecedented workforce management acumen, highly personalized service, the power of advanced technology and the exceptional commitment of the baron payroll team — this, and much more, is what only Baron Payroll has the wherewithal to deliver.

Bottom line: Baron Payroll helps you optimize your workforce to enable business growth.

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