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Deploy the latest innovations in Human Capital Management — driven by the power of iSolved and the people at baronHCM.

Employers need systems that go beyond simply providing paychecks. They need to optimize their most vital resource—their people. That’s why baronHCM integrates all Human Resource, Benefits Administration, Payroll, and Time & Attendance functions into one end-to-end, single-source, hire-to-retire solution. By automating workforce management procedures and increasing operational efficiencies, baronHCM empowers companies to maximize ROI and enables business growth to soar.

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BaronHCM ‘s innovative technology, backed by personalized guidance and insight from our team, provides you with the tools to effectively conquer inefficiency, redundancy, disorganization, compliance risk and inflated payroll expenses. Unlike other human capital management software, baronHCM is fully integrated and completely scalable, so your business won’t outgrow it. And as your company expands, so does baronHCM, to fit your unique and constantly changing needs each step of the way.

Unprecedented workforce management acumen, highly personalized service, the power of advanced technology and the exceptional commitment of the baronHCM team — this, and much more, is what only baronHCM has the wherewithal to deliver.

Bottom line: baronHCM helps you optimize your workforce to enable business growth.


Human Capital Management with baronHCM

Born in the cloud to bring you down-to-earth business advantages.

Through advanced features such as employee self-management, executive dashboard, and report writer, that comply with all industry-related regulations, baronHCM delivers a powerful workforce management tool expressly created to enable businesses to reach the next plateau in excellence in human capital management.

Human Capital Management for Driving Business Growth

Are you optimizing your company’s primary resource for driving business growth — its employees? Are you leveraging the talents, skillsets and unlimited potential of a fully realized workforce? Are your people happy, healthy and invested in your success?

If you’re struggling to answer these basic questions, it’s time you asked one more: What’s missing?


The Team Behind the Technology

Whether it’s providing straightforward payroll services locally or enabling sophisticated Human Capital Management on a national scale, it’s more than innovative software and extraordinary services that set baronHCM apart. It’s our amazing team of gifted individuals who personify the baronHCM difference — the human touch we bring to our systems that helps your organization excel. It’s more than experience. It’s insight. And it’s what guides baronHCM in empowering your workforce to produce the ultimate business value: growth.

Here’s the team behind our technology.


There is no more compelling way to express the value baronHCM offers than by sharing our customers’ own words.

”Before learning about baronHCM, every week our CFO wasted hours and hours of time manually tracking and allocating labor costs for our 12 offices. ADP installed three different time clock systems which never worked. We switched to baronHCM and in a matter of weeks, they deployed a comprehensive solution that did exactly what we wanted and more.”

Radiology Services
Radiology Services10 locations, 157 employees

”Compliance, Regulations, Laws, Affordable Care Act. Are all these relevant for a business owner like me that owns 6 small companies? What does common ownership rules mean? What does full-time equivalent mean? One phone call to baronHCM and we got our answers. If something was required, like preparing and filing 1094’s and 1095’s for the Affordable Care Act, baronHCM got us covered. What a relief!”

Owner 6 small companies
Owner 6 small companies70 employees

”If it sounds too good to be true, beware. A payroll salesperson came to our office and promised we could get exactly what we currently had with baronHCM, and save $4,000/year, if we switched to Paychex. What a disaster this was for our Payroll, HR and Finance Departments. The people, product and processes Paychex had, paled in comparison to baronHCM. After realizing the lies, we jumped right back to baronHCM and things are great again.”

Early Childhood Intervention Provider
Early Childhood Intervention ProviderOver 1000 employees

”Workers comp insurance was always a drain on the cash flow for our restaurant. Every year we used to have an auditor visit, which was disruptive and stressful to our business. We knew nothing about pay-as-you-go workers comp insurance until we hired baronHCM. Now, every week, Baron sends a payroll file to our insurance carrier, who calculates the exact amount of our premium and debits our bank account. This resolved our cash flow issue and we haven’t seen an auditor at our company in years.”

Owner of 5 Restaurants
Owner of 5 RestaurantsOver 100 employees



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By collaborating with some of the smartest minds and resources in workforce management, baronHCM delivers the expertise you need to drive business growth.

Benefits Brokers

Today’s savvy brokers are creating more value by offering their clients complete human capital management solutions.


Get the payroll processing information you need when servicing your clients onsite — no hemming, no hassles.

Employment Attorneys

The Labor Law landscape is constantly changing, and the stakes for non-compliance are too high to leave anything to chance.


Our heritage is in bringing the best of big business workforce management and packaging it in affordable ways that make sense for small businesses today.

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