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Attention business owners and HR professionals, it’s Larry Kagan from Baron payroll.  I am here today with another hot topic for New York Employers.  New York State has some of the most rigorous timekeeping requirements in the country. 

Hopefully, you have never received a letter like this, but many New York employers have.  This is a letter from the New York State Department of Labor requesting time cards and payroll records for a terminated employee from five years ago.  The employer has less than 10 days from the date of the letter to reply to this request and if they don’t, the letter says, “we will accept any statements made by the worker as accurate and bill you for any additional wages and liquidated damages.”  Liquidated damages is code for twice the amount.  Oh, by the way, you’re personally liable for these moneys. 

So, let me show you how Baron Payroll quickly and easily helps our clients reply to a request like this.  This is a pay statement that our client receives for all their employees.  I masked out some of the confidential information on this one.  As you can see, printed right on the pay statement is the timesheet.  It shows the exact date they worked in the pay period, the time in, the time out, and the exact hours they worked each day.  These hours are the exact amount that they are paid.  As you can see this employee got 40 hours of regular, 5.06 of overtime, a grand total of 45.06. 

The hours paid tie-out directly to the time card.  Right to the 100th of an hour.  This is the best way for companies to document time cards and payroll all in one place and everything ties out perfectly.  I urge you to take a minute and look at your pay statement or your paycheck stub and make sure your timesheet is printing on the pay stub and if it’s not, call your payroll company immediately and request that they start printing the timesheet right on the pay stub.

Biometric Time Clock

I’m here today on-site at one of our manufacturing companies.  We just installed one of the new face-time clocks that take a three-dimensional image, they have two cameras built-in. 

They take a three-dimensional unique identifying image for each employee.  They work quickly and one of the biggest benefits is they don’t even have to tough the clock.  They just walk up to the click, is sees their face, it clocks them in and clocks them out and they work quickly, which you can see how fast they work in the video link below. 

We have hundreds of these time clocks out in the field right now and they are the best way for business owners to comply with the New York State timekeeping regulations, the daily timekeeping requirement, and the meal break rules and the best thing about them, they cost under $500 and business owners tell me they pay for themselves in less than two months!

3 Easy Ways to Reduce Labor Costs With Automated Workforce Management

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Even though Baron Workforce Management Suite is very cost-effective, some employers still aren’t convinced that it’s worth it and hang onto old school manual timekeeping systems. Today’s post is addressed to employers who are using manual Workforce Management methods because they don’t believe that investing in an automated system will yield a worthwhile ROI.

Here are 3 critical ways Baron Workforce Management Suite helps businesses control labor costs:

Employee Time Theft

If you haven’t caught any of your staff members fudging on their time cards—it’s only a matter of time (pun definitely intended). In a survey of over 500 retail and service industry personnel, over 30 percent admitted to calculated time theft.1 The two types they recognized specifically are buddy punching and recording incorrect start and end times.

Buddy punching, logging erroneous start times, and early punch-ins and late punch-outs result in an average of 4.5 fraudulent hours per week, per staff member. For one staff member earning a wage of $10 per hour, that can be a loss of $45 per week.

Reduce Administrative Costs

With pen and paper time cards, your managers spends tedious hours troubleshooting timesheet inaccuracies and then manually slinging the data into the payroll system. When your HR staff can complete payroll in minutes, they are free to work on company initiatives that have a bigger payoff. Overtime policing can also be time consuming, which leads us to number 3:

Control Costly Overtime

Companies that mismanage overtime for hourly team members can really take a financial hit. Manual timekeeping systems don’t have built-in warnings to inform supervisors when employees are approaching or have exceeded their authorized hours. The larger your business, the more unplanned overtime costs you. Baron Workforce Management Suite customizable overtime notifications are one of the most popular features in our system.

Bottom line?

Baron Workforce Management Suite will rapidly pay for itself and continue to save on labor costs every single payroll!

1“Employee Theft No Longer an If-It Is Now How Much!,” Kessler,, accessed March 6, 2017

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