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Best Practices for New York Employers

Attention business owners and HR professionals, it’s Larry Kagan from Baron payroll.  I am here today with another hot topic for New York Employers.  New York State has some of the most rigorous timekeeping requirements in the country.  Hopefully, you have never received a letter like this, but many New York employers have.  This is […]

Biometric Time Clock

I’m here today on-site at one of our manufacturing companies.  We just installed one of the new face-time clocks that take a three-dimensional image, they have two cameras built-in.  They take a three-dimensional unique identifying image for each employee.  They work quickly and one of the biggest benefits is they don’t even have to tough […]


When I speak with business owners and HR professionals, one of the biggest challenges I hear is making sure “I have all of my new hire paperwork in order.” One of the forms that I find the business owners fail to have done is the LS-54.  This form is the notice of pay rate and […]

New York State Sexual Harassment Training Deadline

Attention business owners the October 9th deadline for New York State requirement of sexual harassment training is approaching quickly.  For those business owners who are not looking to do this on their own.  We have a great tool that can assist you.  Your employees would log on to the system, they would watch a video, […]

Is Our Company Required To Offer Paid Time-Off?

Let’s talk about time-off.  I’m often asked are there any regulations requiring our company to pay employees for time off?  In the old days, the answer was NO.  Today, the answer is MAYBE.  In states, like New York, there are laws that require some employers to pay for sick time.  Other business, just choose to […]

Direct Deposit Diversion Fraud Costs Businesses Over a Million Dollars Every Month

There’s an important scam you need to know about called direct deposit diversion fraud and it’s costing businesses over a million dollars every month. What exactly is direct deposit diversion fraud? It’s when a cybercriminal changes your employee’s direct deposit bank account to the criminal’s bank account. So on payday, you think you are paying your employee, but you’re not. You are paying the criminal instead.  How does this happen?It’s easy. […]

Why Biometric Time Clocks Are A Must-Have

Many business owners think biometric time clocks cost too much for the average SMB. Actually, this misconception is far more expensive. It prevents employers from getting one. It is the lack of a biometric time clock that jacks up of doing business. Why? Any other type of punch in device is susceptible errors. Sloppy employee […]

Comprehensive Workforce Management From Baron Payroll

Hello business owners! We all know that managing a business can be very challenging—especially the relentless administrative work. Plenty of businesses offer services to assist you with HR tasks but most can’t offer a comprehensive solution. The team at Baron Payroll has set out to expedite all your time and attendance tracking, scheduling, and compliance […]

Mobile Workforce Management Is No Longer Optional

In every industry, employees are becoming more mobile. Cell phones, tablets, and smart watches make it easy to get work done anywhere. Internet-enabled devices are affordable and universal. We probably don’t realize how much we rely on them. Cloud-based software is replacing onsite applications. When business software is in the cloud—you are not limited by geography. […]

Employee Scheduling Solution Review

There are 1,440 minutes in a day, and here at Baron Payroll we believe that none of those should be wasted! Running a business and managing associates is no small task and it can become problematic to make sure that your organization and employees are running smoothly 24/7. But that’s what we are here to […]