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5 Ways WFM Improves Customer Service

A customer service rep can’t solve customer problems if she is preoccupied with her own HR concern at work. There are many direct and indirect benefits of optimizing your timekeeping, scheduling, and payroll processes. Today’s message outlines 5 ways implementing Baron Workforce Management Suite will improve the customer service at your company. Eliminate Coverage Gaps […]

New York State Labor Law Compliance Checklist

Labor laws at the federal, state and local level are are complicated and change all the time. 70% of employers audited are found in violation, according to a recent estimate. In New York, you risk large financial damages, personal liability and even jail time for violations. Timekeeping problems put you at significant risk. Use this […]

NYC Sick Leave Timekeeping Compliance Checklist

Sick leave is an important benefit for both employer and employee. Without it, employees go to work sick (nearly 50% according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation study). A separate study by the National Foundation for Infection Diseases found that 30% of workers reported that they contracted the flu from a colleague. NYC rules require […]

NY Spread of Hours Timekeeping Compliance Checklist

New York wage orders from the Commission of Labor require certain employers to provide extra compensation to employees in specific situations based on the ‘spread of hours’ in the day. Spread of hours is defined as the total hours between the first shift start and the last shift end, regardless of hours worked. While wage […]

New York Paid Family Leave Checklist

New York Paid Family Leave is available to virtually all private employees in the state. Employers must accurately track hours and days worked as well as sick time and leave time to ensure they comply with the law. Use this New York paid family leave checklist to identify timekeeping features needed to properly fulfill employer responsibilities […]

Daily Timekeeping Compliance Checklist

Federal, state and local labor laws all require accuracy in timekeeping. Some, like New York, specify that the timekeeping must be daily—anything short of that is unacceptable. Timesheets prepared at the end of the work week are noncompliant. Weekly employee time recording is insufficient. Records must be kept daily and available immediately for audit. Download […]

No More Missed Punches

Biometric Time Clock Paired With Employee Timekeeping System Baron Workforce Management Clock combines the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven, cloud-based time and attendance services. Company-Wide Benefits HR and Payroll managers won’t have to research and correct missed and unmatched punches and system is synced to payroll system. It provides supervisors with maximum visibility […]

How to Evaluate Your Labor Audit Liability

Are You Compliant? Is your company at risk for fines or sanctions in case of a labor audit? By answering the following questions, you can better establish your current labor audit liability. Are Your Timekeeping Procedures Sufficient? Are employee time and attendance records accurate and accessible? Are staff members paid for all the time worked? […]

It’s Time to Cut Your Losses

Are you using a manual employee time and attendance system that fails to ensure the accuracy of timekeeping? If so, you are paying for time not worked. It’s time to cut your losses.  The Cost of Time Card EstimationYou can save on labor costs by eliminating timecard estimation. How accurate is memory? When staff members […]